We, Arena, (“our”, “us” and “we”) take data protection and security very seriously and we want to be clear and open on how we go about collecting and using personal data related to you. This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) forms part of our group of policies relating to data protection and provides information on how, why and when we use cookies. This Policy applies to all Services.

What are cookies and similar storage technologies?

A cookie is a small bit of text (usually numbers and letters) that is placed in a file in your web browser on your computer, phone or other device. For the purpose of this Policy, we refer to technologies (such as LocalStorage or SessionStorage) that are similar in purpose to “cookies.” There are many uses for cookies, including for analytics purposes, to recognize who you are when you use the Services to remember what your preference settings, to ensure security, and to give you a secret credential that lets you see data that’s just for you in the Services.

In the case of first-party cookies, it’s generally not possible with your browser’s default settings for another website to see cookies set by another website. However, there are third-party cookies that allow two different websites to make requests to the same third-party web domain so that the third-party can store a cookie on the one website and access it on the other.

Cookies are deleted either when you close your browser or when they reach their expiration date. LocalStorage is removed when either you or the website that stored the data deletes it. SessionStorage is deleted every time you close your browser.

When do we use cookies?

We use cookies if you have an account with us, use the Services, or visit website. We may also place cookies on your computer or other device when you interact with sites that use our Widgets, Plug-ins or Iframes. For example, this could be a “Follow” button or list of events belonging to an organization that are displayed on that organization’s site rather than ours.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to enable the Services that we provide to you, and to improve your experience with us. Cookies are used to identify you, to make sure that we remember how you want our Platform to look, to increase security, to store information that we use to deliver the Services, to identify your device and for other similar purposes. The reasons we use cookies are as follows:

Features and services: These are cookies that help us deliver the Services through the Platform. For example, some cookies tell us if you have seen specific items so we don’t show them to you again or remember where you last visited so we can take you back on your next visit;

Authentication: These cookies let us know when you’re logged in so you can get into the Platform as quickly as possible. For example, cookies can tell us if you’re logged in so we don’t ask you to login every time you visit the Platform;

Performance and Monitoring: These cookies help us evaluate the performance of the Platform and identify any issues that may arise. For example, a cookie sends information on the performance of the code that runs a feature on the Platform to a third-party that helps us analyze if it’s working correctly;

Content: Cookies in this category tell us which content you might want to see. For example, storing your location in a cookie would allow us to show you events that are located close to you and which are of greatest interest;

Analytics: Analytics cookies help us understand how the Platform is used so we can make better decisions to improve it. For example, cookies help us understand the number and frequency of visits to a section of the Platform so we understand what people like and don’t like;

Do other people use cookies in relation to the Services?

Third-parties do use cookies. They fall into two general categories: (i) cookies that belong to a third-party provider we use to deliver the Services; and (ii) cookies that belong to a Platform user and are used in relation to use of their profile(s) specifically on the Platform. An example of the first category is a performance monitoring service we use to detect and diagnose issues with site performance. An example of the second case is when a startup program has their cookie embedded on their profile pages on our website in order to receive statistics on the usage of those particular pages. If you use the Services and are placing a cookie on your profile(s) in the second case, with reference to users in the European Economic Area you must comply with the requirements for obtaining end users’ legally valid consent, identifying each party related to the use of personal data and retaining records. Your use of a cookie in this way shall be considered by us to be confirmation that you have valid consent to do so and that any use of such a cookie shall be in accordance with all relevant data protection laws.